Thursday, March 19, 2015

37 week's & induction!

Tomorrow is the big day!  Time for these girl's to come earth side and meet their parents.

I'm excited and nervous and ready and not ready!! Lol. Tomorrow is a beautiful day, a day of gratitude, life, and joy. A day that had been long awaited.

I didn't want to be induced, but the time has come and I'm rolling with it.

Many prayers for a beautiful birth and a safe delivery!!

Gone to soon

With a heavy heart I am sad to say that my mom passed away on pi day. 3.14.15

I miss her terribly. I know she is watch over me and is always with me.

I never thought this day would come so soon.... But I'm grateful for all the time I spent with her making memories.

I love you mommy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The List

So here is a list of things I can try to get labor going:

* Sex! It's not the act itself but the hormones the help things along. Orgasms happen from oxytocin, the love hormone, and it is also what causes contractions. Also, prostaglandins in semen help soften the cervix, which will help it to dilate and efface.

*Chiropractor - get body and babies lined up for delivery.

*Bouncing on a birth ball - applying pressure to cervix to help dilate and working with gravity to pull baby down

*Walking - Gets those hips moving allowing baby down in the birth canal

*Acupuncture - hasn't tried it but hear it helps you're body to relax so birth is possible.

*Supplements - EPO aka Evening Primrose Oil. Also good for softening the cervix. Also a supplement called birth prep. Natural herbs in pill form to get your body ready. Also put Sage Oil on my belly every 3-4 hours should help bring on labor.

*Reiki Matter - A couple of my birth students had a reiki master work on getting their energy in line and ended up in labor shortly after that. I have had so much stress that doing this should be helpful

*Coffee Potty - basically, you sit above a bowl of caffeinated coffee and hot water for 30 mins max to help dilate your cervix.

* Nipple Stimulation - I have a pump and again, this stimulates oxytocin and help with contracts.

Some I have already tried, and others not yet. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

36 Week's

I was checked on Monday 3.9.15 and I am now currently 36 weeks! Woooo hooo! So happy I made it this far.
Per ultrasound girls are about 6lbs 3oz and 5lbs 9 oz. I know this can be off, but I'm sure its close. So about 11lbs 12oz of baby in me! What great sizes for the girls. Penny was 9lbs 11 oz and they never thought she would be that big.
My Cervix is 2cm and is moving forward out of the posterior position. This is good. Normally your cervix will tuck it's self back until it's closer to delivery day. Then it starts to move forward in order to open and let baby out.
My doctor has scheduled an induction date of 3.20.15 and I would love to avoid it at all cost!
Yes I can fight against that date, but the parents are ready to meet their girls, so I'm trying to find balance between a natural birth and induction. The parents are not pushy about any of it and I think I could talk to them if I need to about waiting on the induction.
For now I will put together a list of ideas to help get my body to relax and let go for birth.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

35 weeks!

This is a great week! The IPs have arrived and are getting settled. We made it to 35 week's, which means the girls have a great chance not needing any time in the NICU! Every day that goes by that I am still pregnant is amazing to me.

I have been thinking that I would have these girls on March 5th, mostly due to the full moon, but now I think my body is going to hold on to them longer. I may even make it to 38 week's! Yes it's getting painful a little more every day, and now I have some amazing hemorrhoids that have really added to the experience in a way I never expected. (They suck and are extremely painful!) But the joy and excitement I feel to watch the IM hold her daughter's... that is worth it all. This journey will be ending soon, and I need to cherish every last moment. Every ache and pain, every time my feet and legs swell up, every restless leg syndrome I have. All the heartburn I feel hours after I have eaten. The pain from a Braxton Hicks when my bladder is to full. Not being able to breathe and having a bruised rib from the girls head....
( I wrote that all for me to remember, because after birth, I may forget)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

33 / 34 week's

At the beginning of week 33 they did an ultrasound to check girls growth.

Baby A weighing in at 5lbs!

Baby B not far behind at 4lbs 13oz.

Woo hooo! Explains all the added pressure I have been experiencing. Both girls looked great moving around and being active.

The owner of the agency wss there with me too. It was great having her support. Later in the week had my normal NST and all was good.

The following week I had another NST scheduled on Monday and glad I did. The girls had been very quiet, especially baby B who is the gymnastic. She is always moving but Sun and Monday she was quiet. We did the NST and saw her heartbeat, but she was on the quiet side. I drank some juice to help perk up the girls, but didn't do much. So we then did a BPP  (biophysical profile) which is an ultrasound that will watch the girls take practice breaths, monitor their movements, and check the fluid around them make sure everything is looking good. They both passed but it took awhile to get them to move. My doctor was ok with the results but said he wanted to do one last ultrasound the following day to check the blood flow in the girls cord.  I was nervous for them, but I also know at this point, in running our of room for them to move around. So there movements will be less.

Later that night the girls started moving around so that was reassuring.

The next day they were very active and of course the ultrasound showed the blood flow working great in their cords. Hooray!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Worth the pain

This pregnancy had been good just like all my others. I have been able to stay busy with the girls, running around and getting things done. No morning sickness, no cramps in my calfs, no heartburn....

Until I hit 28 week's. Then things started to not be as easy. Bending over became more difficult, the heartburn started to pick up, and legs cramps have almost happen but I have been able to avoid them.  I have gotten really tired and my energy has gone way down. My Braxton hicks have become intense and most of the time I can not move through them.  I woke up the other day feeling my hip was cracking in to pieces. It brought me to tears. The ligament stretching has been so intense, I feel I can not move. I felt similar discomfort in my own pregnancies, but not this intense. I worry about the pain of birth and everything coming together smooth. Not much longer now. Another two week's minimum, 5 week's maximum. That seems so surreal. I can't believe I am getting to do this, and for such a lovely couple.  The discomfort and tears are more than I care for at this point but I remind myself it's only for a short time, and the seeing the look on my IMs face meeting her daughter's will be worth every min of pain.