Friday, September 5, 2014

9 week's 3 days

Ultrasound today and the girls are doing amazing! Both have strong heartbeats, getting bigger and baby B wasn't hiding as much! I sent the picture to my IM, but it was 11pm her time.  I know I will hear from her soon. I know she is getting excited and feeling this is real, because she shared with me that they told a few close friends and family. How exciting!!! I'm thrilled for her. I feel so blessed to help her out.  Here is the picture of the girls.

8 week's

8/27~ 8 week ultrasound and the girls are looking great. Baby B is always hard to find and tucked back in there. They are measuring further along but that is normal.  Sometimes babies measure further at one ultrasound and then right on for the next. Next u/s in 10 days.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Ultrasound!!

I was so excited and nervous for my first u/s. I had a feeling I was carrying twins but worried about it being triplets. When I got there I was asked by the women who does the blood work what I thought I was carrying. The doctor asked me as well what I thought. I told her based on my hcg levels, I think twins. And I feel more stretching this time. But I don't feel pregnant. I feel normal. No morning sickness (although I never do) no cravings really...  Except being thirsty! I want to drink water all the time! 
Anyhow I was excited to see what the u/s would show. She found the baby right away! You could even see a good heartbeat. She did a little more looking and found baby 2! TWINS!! Baby 2 had a good heart beat as well. So excited to see them both! I have another u/s  this coming week and I look forward to seeing how much they have grown! I'm so excited for twins! We called my IM to let her know but she was traveling so we got her voice mail. The doctor let her know the good news and I texted her a picture with congrats! She said she is excited and nervous. Double the fun and double the responsibility. She is going to make an amazing mother! So happy for her!


I was so nervous to meet my IPs. I was really excited to meet my IM in person, but still very nervous. When I got to the house they were staying at, my heart was racing and I had butterflies in my belly. When she open the door she had the biggest smile on her face! She reached out and have me a huge hug!  She was lovely. Her wonderful personality and excitement came shining through. I met the IF as well and he is a very nice gentleman. We went to lunch at a nice restaurant close by. They shared with me what they have been through and how they came to surrogacy.  My IM had been through a lot. Several miscarriages and even loss both her fallopian tubes. She has tried IVF but can't stay pregnant. Her husband is amazingly supportive. He knew in her heart her life would not be complete without having children of her own. He has two older boys from his first marriage but he knows they can not fill the spot in her heart, even though she loves them a great deal. They are very talkative and have a good relationship with each other and it was nice to see them together. My IM also told me all she has been through with the surrogacy too. She almost gave up. They had to choose an egg donor and the first one they selected was turned down by the clinic. This was due to not being able to know the donors family history. Her father was adopted and they had no records of his past genetics. So they had to search for another which is not a small feet when you think about what you are looking for! Someone who looks like you, and has characteristics that you would want in your own children.  She finally found a donor and then they were matched up with a surrogate. It wasn't me. They actually had another surrogate and were in the process of starting meds when the surrogate had to back out for some reason. If course my IM was crushed! They meet a couple other surros but they weren't connecting with them. They had actually called the agency and said they were going to stop and not move forward. They were emotional exhausted. My agency told them about me and asked that they give me a look and talk to me first. Luckily for both of us my IM liked what she saw and we had a good conversation on the phone. So here we are! But it's crazy to think that they almost didn't have there dream realized. I am so glad that I got to meet them in person and especially my IM! She is more lovely in person then on the phone.
At the end of our meeting my IM gave me a good luck charm to wear. I keep it on at all times.

My hold up

I'm behind on posting what has been going on. Reason being is I got a bit side tracked after meeting with them and had some concerns that came up. I have since found out that my concerns have been taken care of and I don't need to worry. So time to move forward.

Oh and the concern had to do with reduction. Something that you decide prior to matching with a couple. My IM and I were on the same page but my IF made a comment about not having twins due to financial strain and that was not OK with me. He had since apologized for sharing his fears and concerns with me and it really was just about his fears, not something they plan on doing. They couldn't anyways because that is not how our contract is written.

Yes this may seem odd but actually this had come up a lot with other surrogates as well. If anyone is considering being a surrogate, really make sure you understand what you are agreeing to in your contract. You never know when you will need that piece of paper to protect you.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Getting ready

Today is the day I am meeting my IM! She flew in with her family on Thursday and sent me a message about meeting up. Originally Bryan and I were going to take the girls and drive up there but now I'm going by myself. The reason for the change is my IM informed me that what we are doing is illegal in her country and she and her husband have decided not to tell the older step boys about any of it until pregnancy is at or past 12 weeks. At this point most are past the point of miscarriage and will go on to have a healthy pregnancy. She also told the boy's she is meeting with an old friend for lunch. At this point there is no need for Bryan and the girls to come. Even though I understand and respect her decision to not tell the boys, I was surprised to hear that they did not know. But this road of infertility has been a long one for them and I'm sure like most they don't want to get there hopes up just to be disappointed should things not work out.
Excited, nervous, happy, thrilled!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Numbers please

When a Dr wants to know if your pregnant he will request a blood test. This will show him the level of your HCG hormone. The Hcg is a hormone your body produces when you are pregnant. Some people have really high numbers some people have really low numbers but there's a medium where your numbers should be depending on how far along you are. In the beginning they start off pretty low continue to rise every 48 hours.
So on Monday August 4th I had my blood drawn. I expected my numbers to be around 3000 for where I was at in my pregnancy. I had looked up what the medium range was for a twin pregnancy and 3000 was the number to meet. The doctor called me in the afternoon and told me My number was 6526! That is crazy high! I got to speak with my IM to let her know that we are pregnant! And with those numbers I'm thinking twins! She was nervously excited! We will be meeting this Saturday for the first time and I am so excited to see her being pregnant! *I'm tearing up right now thinking about it *
My doctor asked me to have another blood test on Wednesday to see the number and make sure it is increasing well. The hcg should double every 48 hours. So I had my blood drawn again today Wednesday August 6 and my numbers were 15605! That is a doubling rate of 38 hours! Meaning my hcg is increasing fast! Which is good but I'm nervous. Sometimes eggs can split and twins turn into triplets. Several people have joked about that and I really hope they are wrong! I'm fine with twins but triplets are extremely high risk for both the babies and me. I want to have a safe, happy pregnancy and delivery. I want these girls to meet their parents without having any complications. I want the first days of there precious life to be full of love, snuggles, happy tears and kisses. My heart wants to leap out of my chest it's so full of joy!
My ultrasound is the 18th and I am super excited and nervous about it. I'm sure it will all be wonderful!